Bayrak Lastik

With philosophy of constant improvement, Bayrak Lastik advance in the course of becoming a reference establishment In production of vibration absorbing fasteners and rubber components by combining most advanced technology with highly qualified professional teams



Our Mission

To be a company, which is engaged in in-house R&D activities, committed to continuous improvement and satisfaction of its stakeholders and increasing its valuein its sector on an ongoing basis.

Our Vision

To be a global leader in our sector.




Qulity Policy

The main objective of our company which is engaged in the manufacturing of rubber-metal parts for the automotive industry and the molds for such parts is to
“Increasing our market share on an ongoing basis by achieving the highest quality level in our field of activity to have a competitive edge in international markets.”

Achieving this objective will be possible by;

  • Making sure that our employees have an understanding of quality awareness.
  • Making sure that an understanding of quality is extended to and implemented in each individual function of our company as a system.
  • Following up on new technologies.
  • Improving our suppliers.
  • Upholding the dynamism of our continuous improvement approach.
  • Meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.
  • Establishing marketing policies.

To this end we need to ensure;

  • Committed support and participation of executive management
  • Training and motivation of our employees at all levels.
  • Effective communication with our employees, suppliers and customers
  • Monitoring the improvement of our suppliers.
  • Employing error proofing methods.

“We, as the employees of BAYRAK LASTİK are committed to respecting the environment and the nature, improving our work on an ongoing basis and fulfilling the requirements of our customers under the light of the principles defined hereinabove.”


Environment Policy

Our objective is to control environmental impacts through complying with all environmental laws and regulations and to improve our performance on an ongoing basis by mitigating these impacts with a view to protecting the environment and ensuring its sustainability and leaving a clean and viable environment to the next generations by raising environmental awareness in all our production activities.

Bayrak Lastik carries out the following activities to implement its environmental policy

  • Ensuring continuous development and improvement by fulfilling all legal requirements and customer requirements regarding the environment
  • Using appropriate technologies that cause minimal damage to the environment subject to technical and economical restrictions, reducing the use of raw materials and protecting natural resources.
  • Taking environmental impacts into consideration in the design of facilities and processes.
  • Developing our environmental system with a view to improve our environmental performance on an ongoing basis.
  • Raising awareness with all our employees and subcontractors regarding our environmental responsibilities and ensuring their participation.
  • Reducing the wastes generated as a result of production, transportation, storage, operation, treatment and maintenance activities and considering recycling and reuse alternatives.
  • Mitigating possible emergency risks and ensuring health, safety and environmental integrity
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