Vulcanization Production Line

Production is made in the vulcanization production line in state of the art injection presses by employing lean management and continuous improvement applications, in accordance with customer requirements.


Dough Production

The compound production unit of Bayrak was commissioned in 2009. It has a yearly capacity of 5500 tons. Our compound production unit, holding an ISO 16949 quality certificate, was erected with the main purpose of serving the automotive industry. Our facility enjoys state of the art technology and the manufacturing process is entirely automated to achieve highest production quality on an ongoing basis.

The products leaving the production line are controlled in our laboratory which also supports product development activities.

Raw material acceptance tests, advanced tests for manufactured products and product development activities are carried out by our Product Development Laboratory which is equipped with RPA, TGA, digital controlled ageing furnace, shear testing equipment and wear and tear testing equipment which gives us a competitive edge over other companies in the sector

Environmental cleaning is carried out by using state of the art technology which is also employed to control other factors which may be detrimental to the health of our employees.


Mould Design

Molds are manufactured by experienced staff members by using the most advanced design software and tool benches. This capability helps Bayrak Lastik to control its costs, quality and delivery times effectively.


R & D Capabilities

Bayrak Lastik carries out all performance and life tests by using linear rotational activators, static and dynamic testing equipment, heat cabinets and material performance testing equipment in its laboratories.

Advanced linear and nonlinear finite elements tests are carried out in our Research and Development department for rubber and rubber-metal parts and the test results are correlated with the analysis results in order to accelerate the design process. The test results and the analysis results are compared in the molding room within the shortest time possible thanks to our fast prototype capability.


Test Capabilities

Bayrak Lastik has the required testing capabilities for the product development and production processes.

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